School Sport Nutrition Support Programme

There has never been a more important time to teach students about the role that a healthy balanced diet has on their health and exercise performance. 


A well-balanced diet:

  • provides energy to move and exercise

  • provides energy for brain function - work hard and focus at school or work

  • It keeps our immune system strong to helps us fight off colds and infection

  • Helps us maintain a healthy weight

  • It helps us grow strong bones and muscles

  • It helps us sleep better at night

  • It makes us feel good

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The School Sport Support Programme is a monthly support programme that provides students with the opportunity to learn more about nutrition and the role it plays on their health as well as how they can perform better during their sports. 


Students and Teachers get access to a monthly workshop (either virtual or face to face). This includes a range of evidence-based nutrition sessions as well as cooking workshops. The topics can be altered based on what the students are interested in. 


Examples of topics/sessions covered include:

  • The nutrition basics

  • Nutrition for exercise – what to have before, during and after

  • Nutrition for recovery

  • Nutrition and supplements

  • Cooking workshops – making really simple, tasty meals 



The School Sport Support Programme also includes access to additional resources including:

  • Infographics

  • Worksheets and activities

  • Recipes for students to try


Additional resources are available for parents and carers too.



For more information please get in touch