Team Sport Performance

An effective nutrition strategy may be the difference between winning and losing a competition. 

I currently work with a range of teams delivering a range of cooking workshops and evidence-based nutrition sessions on topics including:

  • Nutrition for training

  • Nutrition for competitions

  • Nutrition for recovery

  • Nutrition for injuries

  • Nutrition for illness

  • The importance of hydration

  • The considerations around using supplements

  • Cooking workshops - creating simple meals that any athlete can make 

Rugby Scrimage

Workshops are available as one off sessions - contact me to discuss your requirements further.

Monthly support programme
The monthly support programme is for teams looking for additional support around how to use nutrition to maximise performance. The monthly support programme includes monthly cooking workshops or sport specific nutrition sessions covering a range of topics to help the athletes understand the role of nutrition. 
Additional resources included in the monthly support programme include:

  • Access to a nutrition hub full of recipes, blogs and infographics. 

Competing regularly, nutrition is a key principal of the success we have at a regatta weekend. Since we have been working with James Fleming Nutrition I have noticed a clear positive difference in the performances during training sessions and race weekends. James has been running regular workshops with us sharing his vast amount of knowledge with the squad and reviewing their current eating habits. The dietary habits of the squad have changed for the better and his advice has made the changes easy and efficient to implement with his easy to follow recipe guides. I would highly recommend James services for whatever nutritional needs you require.


CJ WHITE, Head Coach Fairlop Rowing Club