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5 tips to manage your sleep

A lack of sleep has a number of negative impacts on our health including an increased risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity. Poor sleep also affects our physical activity levels the next day.

To help manage this, check out the 5 tips below:

1. Breathing Exercises - Once in bed, close your eyes and focus on relaxing breathing until you naturally fall asleep. Breathe in over a count of 4, pause and breathe out over a count of 4 until you naturally fall asleep

2. Avoid stimulants and caffeine - The lifespan of caffeine within the body is around 6 hours depending on how much you have consumed. Cutting out caffeine after 2 pm may significantly improve your sleep. Switch to tea, flavoured, tea or even decaf coffee should have a significant benefit

3. Fresh air and exercise - Regular exercise and fresh air has been shown to reduce the time taken to fall asleep.

4. Create a 'relaxation' playlist - Listening to relaxing music helps decrease stress and improves sleep quality

5. Turn off the electronic devices - In the hour before bed, turn off the electronic devices (phones, laptop, TV). The artificial light inhibits melatonin production which delays and compromises sleep

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