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Fakeaway Sausage and Egg Muffin

Ingredients: (makes 4):

8 pork sausages

4 muffins

4 eggs

4 cheese slices, I have used cheddar for this

Small knob of butter or oil

Ketchup or brown sauce, to serve


1. Squeeze the meat out of the sausage skins, mash together and divide into 4 balls and shape into patties. Place in the oven for 12-15 minutes

2. Grease 4 small ramekins with oil and place in a frying pan, crack an egg into each one and cook them to the way you like. Turnover half way

3. Lightly toast the muffins on each side for a few minutes until golden brown.

4. Place the cheese slices on top of the sausage patties and leave for a few more seconds to allow the cheese to melt.

5. Remove the sausage and place on the muffin, add the egg and other half of the muffin

6. Enjoy!

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