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Free Nutrition for running performance e-book

Have you got a race coming up or have you started doing the 'couch to 5K' and not sure what to eat before, during and after a run?

Then check out this free nutrition e-book for running. Feel free to share with friends and family

Nutrition for running v3
Download PDF • 5.53MB

If you are looking for further support and nutrition information, I have recently created The Running Nutrition Hub, a Facebook and Instagram account where I post regular blogs, recipes and infographics on a range of topics around running and nutrition.

To join click the links below:

Facebook: (The Running Nutrition Hub)

Instagram: runningnutritionhub

I also have a nutrition for running course. This is for any runner looking improve their knowledge around nutrition and running performance.

It covers everything from nutrition around training, competitions,. injury and illness, supplements as well as other factors such as meal planning and go to the supermarket

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