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The Athlete Nutrition Hub is an online community for like minded athletes to learn more about how nutrition can enhance their performance.


Welcome to The Athlete Nutrition Hub - Your Premier Resource for Elevated Sports Performance! Join our exclusive online community designed to empower athletes of all levels with the vital knowledge of nutrition's impact on performance, health, and well-being. For just £14.99 per month, gain unparalleled access to a wealth of benefits. Immerse yourself in a monthly webinar led by experts, providing cutting-edge insights into optimizing your nutrition for sporting success.

Embark on a journey of continuous learning with our regularly updated resources and recipes tailored to athletes' unique needs, ensuring you're always fueled for greatness. Gain entry to HEXIS, our state-of-the-art online nutrition platform, delivering personalized plans to enhance your sporting endeavors (*additional fees).

With The Athlete Nutrition Hub, you're never alone in your quest for nutritional excellence. Connect directly with James, our seasoned nutritionist, for personalized answers to your burning questions. Plus, there's even more waiting for you within our vibrant community of fellow athletes, where shared experiences and support flourish.

Elevate your sporting performance with The Athlete Nutrition Hub. Subscribe today and empower yourself to run stronger, longer, and healthier!

What is included in the membership?

As part of your membership you will have access to:

  • Access to a nutrition hub full of infographics, blogs and additional resources to support the runner with new content added each week

  • Access to a recipe hub with new content added each week 

  • Weekly check ins to monitor progress

  • A monthly webinar and Q and A covering latest topics plus additional guests covering topics around injury prevention and female health.

  • Access to a private Facebook community group 

  • And so much more

Sign up before 14th December 2023 to get a lifetime price of £9.99 a month

There are a number of sport specific memberships available (with more sports currently in development):

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