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"As an athlete, I'm always trying to gain an edge and take my game to the next level. My nutrition was always something I knew I could improve on, and since working with James, he has given me more knowledge and understanding of nutrition and how it relates to performance, and also given me the guidance and structure to put it into practice. I would highly recommend him to any athlete looking to improve their performance and well-being"


David Wheeler, Wycombe Wanderers Midfielder


‘James supported our charity by delivering a nutrition workshop to our London Marathon runners. The information he gave was clear and easy to implement, helping our runners understand the importance of nutrition during their training and on race day itself. James is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and approachable. I would 100% recommend his services.’

Steph Giles, RFU Injured Players Foundation

“When I first started training for a marathon, I really didn’t understand how important my nutrition was going to be. I thought, maybe I might need to eat a bit more and that was it! This course has literally taught me everything I need to know. The information is fantastic. The detail in the tables and charts show you everything you need to think about. I highly recommend that anyone who is taking on a running challenge should take a look at this. If the base of your nutrition is not there, you are setting yourself up to fail straight away! I love the way this course has made me look at my daily nutrition and has made me make changes already! I now plan what I am going to eat and when I am going to eat, I make sure it fits around my home life and my training plan.”

Emma, ran The London Marathon in 2022 and running again in 2023


“James’s educational led approach has changed my way I think about nutrition when training for an event but also in everyday life.  It would be all to easy for someone to write a nutritional plan and ask you to stick to it….James’s approach is different.  He encourages you to be part of the nutritional planning process and listens to any allergy / special dietary requirements you may have and offers guidance accordingly.  I can’t thank James enough for his continued support to help me achieve my goals in running my first marathon and competing an Olympic distance triathlon just two weeks after”

Chris, ran the Brighton Marathon in 2021 and keen runner 


James was very good and very accommodating for all.

James new his stuff and presented very well

James F came across as putting a personal touch on the program and very personable chap. exactly the type of person who should be delivering program.


James was motivating, understanding and helpful.

James was a really good coach, picked up from the previous sessions and followed up

James is quite informative and explained things in details. His explanation couldn’t be any better.

James spoke in a way which everyone could understand no confusing technical terms etc.

James was good. No pressure at all to speak and very relaxed atmosphere.

James was a really good teacher and wanted to make sure everyone understood the information. My needs were met and I think he did a really good job!

Xyla Health and Wellbeing, a Healthcare provider


“Competing regularly, nutrition is a key principal of the success we have at a regatta weekend. Since we have been working with James Fleming Nutrition I have noticed a clear positive difference in the performances during training sessions and race weekends. James has been running regular workshops with us sharing his vast amount of knowledge with the squad and reviewing their current eating habits. The dietary habits of the squad have changed for the better and his advice has made the changes easy and efficient to implement with his easy to follow recipe guides. I would highly recommend James services for whatever nutritional needs you require”

CJ White, Fairlop Rowing Club

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