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Calling all Nutrition Students, Graduates and Practitioners

A big part of any Nutritionist's role is around that ability to turn the science of nutrition into simple and easy to apply messages for the athlete or client to follow.

One thing I have started to create is a regular blog on a range of nutrition topics on my website.

During my education, finding opportunities were always limited therefore I want to offer the opportunity to any current student, recent graduate or any Performance Nutritionist to add to the blog topics too.

What does it involve?

➡️ choose a nutrition topic of your choice

➡️ Create a blog post of around 500-1000 words as well as a social media post (either as a reel, carousel or single image plus caption that I will publish on my website and social media channels

➡️ provide a bio about you, current roles as well as your social media details so that anyone that reads your article can follow you too and get in contact

In terms of topics, my aim is to get posts as many different topics as possible. You can write as many blogs as you like. I am hoping to post the blog and social media post on a weekly basis

For more information or if you are interested email me

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