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4 Resources that have helped me develop as a Performance Nutritionist


I am nowhere near where I want to be in terms of my career as a Performance Nutritionist, however having had a few messages from some students recently I thought it might be worth sharing a few resources that have got me to my current position.

1.Developing applied skills and work experience: How to Support a Champion by Dr Steve Ingham (@supportingchampions) This is a brilliant book that I would recommend to any student look to pursue a career in sport science and performance support. I have applied so many of the tips and ideas shared in this book to my practice and it has all helped me. Steve also runs a number of Supporting Champions courses and has a community to help network and share ideas

2. Developing Sport Nutrition practitioner skills: The Performance Nutritionist by Dr James Morehen @morehenperformance I would recommend this book to any aspiring Performance Nutritionist. This book provides valuable insight from a number of practitioners currently working across a range of elite sports. Each interview is full of valuable tips that have really helped with my own development.

3. Developing Sport Nutrition knowledge: We do Science podcast by the @IOPN Every episode is full of interviews, reviews and information on the latest sport nutrition topics.

4. Developing the right mindset: The high performance podcast (@highperformance) Every episode provides valuable insight from each guest how to manage challenge, change and any obstacles that may come up.

A podcast makes it very easy to listen to when driving or in the gym

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